dog walking service for banbury and the surrounding areas

I started up PAWxPAW in the spring of 2012. It came about due to my former work giving everyone a 15% pay cut for Christmas! I wasn't having any of that, so while out walking the dog I was trying to think of something else I could do which I might enjoy this time. I couldn't think of anything, then divine inspiration hit me and I decided to become a dog walker!

After an initially slow start (I'm rubbish at marketing!) it's now going really well and we're out and about every weekday with different pooches from the PAWxPAW crew.


I've had dogs all my life and have been walking them since I can first remember walking. I'm now the proud owner of my own pooch Luca, a 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla who loves his walks. He will run around and play all day and is proper friendly and good natured.


He's basically my shadow when I'm at home and he won't let me get within 10 feet of his lead with out giving me the glance! He loves meeting other dogs and playing so he's very lucky in respect of my job, second only to a butcher's dog!


fully insured crb police checked trained in doggy first aid   est 2012